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What You Need to Know

  • Breakouts in the Agile Testing predictive analytics are Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, New Relic. Seriously consider these technologies to gain a strategic advantage.
  • The technologies who are at the peak of their interest are Infrastructure as Code, AgileWorx, Manual testing.
  • By far most employment needs are found in the Software engineering, Debugging, User experience technologies.
  • These 3 fields have the most active practitioners who have the specific skill set or experience: Requirements analysis, Software project management, Software engineering.
  • ISO 9001, PMBOK, Atlassian lead in searches for information online.
  • These three technologies are receiving the highest investments to gain clients: Software project management, Agile software development, Software deployment.
  • These three technologies have the most active advertisers: Software Testing, Automated testing, Software engineering.
  • In patents, these three technologies have the most coverage Modulus, User experience, Debugging.
  • The most publications are available for Software deployment, DevOps, Software engineering.
  • Instruction and courseware availability is highest in these technologies: User experience, Debugging, Modulus.

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Download Agile Testing Report and Get Started

Download Agile Testing Report and Get Started

The Agile Testing report evaluates technologies and applications in terms of their business impact, adoption rate and maturity level to help users decide where and when to invest.

Agile testing is a software testing practice that follows the principles of agile software development. Agile testing involves all members of a cross-functional agile team, with special expertise contributed by testers, to ensure delivering the business value desired by the customer at frequent intervals, working at a sustainable pace. Specification by example is used to capture examples of desired and undesired behavior and guide coding.

The Predictive Analytics Scores below – ordered on Forecasted Future Needs and Demand from High to Low – shows you Agile Testing’s Predictive Analysis. The link takes you to a corresponding product in The Art of Service’s store to get started.

The Art of Service’s predictive model results enable businesses to discover and apply the most profitable technologies and applications, attracting the most profitable customers, and therefore helping maximize value from their investments. The Predictive Analytics algorithm evaluates and scores technologies and applications.

The platform monitors over ten thousand technologies and applications for months, looking for interest swings in a topic, concept, technology or application, not just a count of mentions. It then makes forecasts about the velocity of the interest over time, with peaks representing it breaking into the mainstream. Data sources include trend data, employment data, employee skills data, and signals like advertising spent, advertisers, search-counts, Instruction and courseware available activity, patents, and books published.

Predictive Analytics Scores:

002051 – Infrastructure as Code
000841 – DevOps
000711 – New Relic
000400 – TestingBot
000348 – Agile software development
000337 – Scrum (software development)
000292 – Test management tools
000245 – BlazeMeter
000228 – Security Testing
000223 – Email on Acid
000211 – Automated testing
000194 – Exam Testing
000194 – Atlassian
000187 – HP Agile Manager
000184 – Kanban (development)
000182 – SkuVault
000173 – User experience
000173 – Build automation
000168 – Debugging
000163 – Agile CRM
000127 – Requirements engineering
000098 – Agile Designer
000096 – Agile PLM
000084 – Software verification and validation
000075 – Load Impact
000069 – Programming paradigm
000067 – Software architecture
000064 – Litmus
000063 – Visual Website Optimizer
000060 – Data modeling
000055 – BABOK
000051 – Lean Testing
000050 – Manual testing
000043 – Software engineering
000041 – Software Testing
000041 – Software deployment
000039 – Lean software development
000038 – ISO 9001
000035 – Software design
000033 – Oracle Agile PLM
000027 – Function model
000026 – Agile HR
000024 – Debugger
000016 – PMBOK
000013 – Waterfall model
000009 – Enterprise architecture
000006 – Requirements analysis
000003 – Modulus
000001 – Software project management
000000 – TestingWhiz
000000 – POP Check
000000 – AgileWorx
000000 – 1Password