Learning Analytics: How does the effectiveness of online learning compare with that of face to-face instruction?

Unlike machine learning, predictive analytics still relies on human experts to work out and test the associations between cause and outcome.

Online Insights

Joining akin learning streams across your organization would create an even richer set of potential insights. For instance, thus, there is a need for solutions to foster interaction and communication between MOOC participants by bringing together face-to-face interactions and online learning activities.

Traditional Data

The primary implication for learning analytics practitioners is the need to interpret quantitative analysis procedures at every phase from philosophy to conclusions. And also, the increase in and usage of sensitive and personal employee data present unique privacy concerns. Equally important, comparing online and face-to-face learning experiences for non-traditional employees.

Visual Concepts

By the same token, employees motivation is an important factor in the success of online learning, it does it quickly and cheaply with links to external content, making the learner type in concepts, numbers or full sentences, which are interpreted by AI. As a matter of fact, learning analytics has paved the way for learning dashboards to appear in order to provide a visual interpretation on the progress of employees.

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