Speech Analytics: How are agent interactions split across call types?

Although speech analytics includes elements of automatic speech recognition, it is known for analyzing the topic being discussed, which is weighed against the emotional character of the speech and the amount and locations of speech versus non-speech during the interaction, with a speech analytics solution, collections call centers can monitor each and every call to identify risk associated with the content of the conversation, also, most business cases for speech analytics revolve around improving customer interactions through call data collection.

Driving Analytics

Speech analytics is the method of analyzing live customer calls, voice notes using speech recognition software to extract useful information, and provide qualitative guarantee and assurance. And also, advanced analytics are required to overcome the complexity of the modern contact center, automate quality management processes across multiple channels, and better understand customer interactions. Equally important, increasing focus on higher customer satisfaction, rising significance for real-time speech analytics solutions are the driving factors for market.

Complex Contact

The traditional role of speech analytics used to be as an add-on to a contact center technology stack that would provide analysts with post-call insights into rep and customer interactions, chatbots – also known as conversational agents – are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person. Also, there has been an incredible resurgence of voice as the new UI of choice, and it remains the chief channel for complex customer inquiries and interactions.

Real Data

Speech Analytics also eliminates the need for costly human call scoring and gives call center customers actionable insights to support critical initiatives, audio recording is lossless (that is, no data is thrown out), helping ensure that each recording is of the highest possible quality. To summarize, real-time speech analytics can provide further advantages as interactions can be screened while the conversation is taking place.

Real Enterprise

Digital transformation has enabled modern contact centers to engage with customers across multiple channels that span beyond calls, agents use the servicing application to respond to customers with an understanding of relationship and value to your enterprise, correspondingly, as many of you already know, speech analytics is a powerful solution that can help uncover trends and causes by determining the correct terms, phrases and conditions that need tracking in real time.

Dissatisfied Voice

Post-call speech analytics analyze recorded conversations with the end goal of determining why customers actually call, by employing voice data analysis, speech intelligence tools can help contact centres map customer sentiment across their call databases, learning how to reduce unnecessary call time, identify dissatisfied customers and analyse employee performance, similarly.

Available Center

Clearly, speech analytics is at play in the realm where an optimal customer experience resides, helping fill in the gaps of business intelligence, improving efficiency and customer experience, find customer interactions based on any available information, including speech analytics and customer feedback information. In addition, if you own, manage or work in a contact center, your workplace can greatly benefit from the incorporation of speech analytics technology.

Real Customer

Convey the benefits that interaction analytics can bring to your contact center to others, whether you run an inbound call center or an outbound call center, features like speech analytics will help you evaluate your customer support agents performance to determine how well things are going, equally, identification of improvement opportunities and drive quality improvement projects through speech analytics to deliver meaningful insights out of the recorded and real time interactions.

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