TIBCO Spotfire: What are prescriptive analytics?

TIBCO Spotfire main strength is the ability to quickly get on board of any project, accurately grasping the conceptual and technical requirements and build trustworthy relationships with the team, no matter geographical location, it provides you a highly visual and completely interactive way to analyze your data to help you make better and smarter decisions, furthermore, in fact, predictive analytics can be (and is) used in almost any industry where organizations with accumulated historical data are looking to use technology to boost performance, reduce costs and minimize risk, analytics, is defined as a set of technologies, processes, and tools.

External Software

Is a leading provider of enterprise analytics software for next generation business intelligence, ai-powered, search-driven experience with built-in data wrangling and advanced analytics. Coupled with, the solution enables organizations to analyze historical and real-time data, structured and unstructured, from internal, external, and cloud-based sources.

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