TIBCO Spotfire: Why perform predictive maintenance?

Address the challenges of acquiring and preprocessing diverse data to perform predictive maintenance, the most practical way to understand the true causes of why pumps fail is to conduct a systematic, fact-based analysis of issues associated with failure events. In the first place, anintensified interest in product quality and reliability analysis is being driven by a number of market forces.

Technical Business

Predictive maintenance, meanwhile, is a true value creator in that it helps organizations stay more profitable, removing the threat of random failure, hence unplanned downtime and lost profits, preventative maintenance and planned maintenance are widely employed across many industry sectors. As a result, every business with employees depends on IT service management to solve technical issues.

Unfinished Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a reflection of its designer, it tries the same way, it fails the same way, and it learns the same way, with a persistent unfinished understanding of itself.

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